Hidden Curriculum /
In Search of the Missing Lessons II

Exploring the physical environments of school and gallery alluding to the body politics at play in these institutional environments, students develop their approach towards the Hidden Curriculum. They discuss the unwritten rules that govern both institutions – school and gallery – and how unseen structures shape our lives and influence the way we behave and look at the world.

Annette Krauss in collaboration with students from Cumberland School, Newham London: Stephanie Amaral Neto, Samuel Awoyemi, Justina Balynaite, Mohitur Chowdury, Victoria Clark, Connal Cocker-Dawkins, Kiezier Hamilton, Brogan Hanlon, Ishaque Ikram, Asif Islam, Jay Kerr, Mirand Morina, Migle Nostramaite, Asiya Pathan, Asher Punzalan, Natalie Quitos and Ellesse Taylor.

… commissioned by the Whitechapel Gallery's Artist in Residence program London 2012–13.


Coping tactics:

> Undercover Studies (Gallery)

> Undercover Studies (School)

> Astronaut Walk

> HANDle with CARE

> Synchronized Swimming

> Interviews

> Don't judge a Book by its Cover

> Public Presentation

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