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In each Hidden Curriculum project one group of participants formulates a suggestion for the next school to try out. This group of students took up one of these suggestions, which was to play 'hide and seek' with video cameras in school. The 'chase' through the empty school building became a game in which the video camera became both a weapon and a protection shield at the same time. This also takes inspiration from the Joyce Wieland film A&B in Ontario. The students watched the film and developed their own interpretations and of and developing their own interpretation of both suggestions.

Annette Krauss in collaboration with students from Paddington Academy, London: Nour Al-Dori, Yasmin Anshoor, Maryam Atta-Mohammed, Autumn Cohen, Bhuma Limbu.

… produced by The Showroom, London 2011–12.


Performative situations:

> Hide & Seek

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