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Most of the students in this class at Quintin Kynaston school have only been living in the UK for a short time; their experiences with very different school systems in various countries became crucial for the discussions and associations around the so-called Hidden Curriculum. During classes at Quintin Kynaston school, the students introduced a new field of investigation, namely to interview teachers about their relationship to and associations with the Hidden Curriculum.

Annette Krauss in collaboration with students from Quintin Kynaston School, London: Sief Al Hakak, Laila Al Rida, Worood Al Rubaiyi, Evin Alaa Hussein, Abdul Basith, Bouchompoo Cook, Ahmad Fadhil Saleh, Wei Jia He, Gracia Katanga, Shajia Lima, Hubert Lubawy, Guendalina Marsili, Karim Masoud Calvo, Sara Mubeen, Prince Sarpong, Kitry Seydou, Amin Seyed Nikkhou, Sunbul Azizzada, Abdulaziz Alnassar

… produced by The Showroom, London 2011–12.


Curricular practices:

> How Students get an A**

> Sticky Notes

> Missing Arm

> C.T.D.C.(1)

> C.T.D.C.(2)

> C.T.D.C.(3)+(4)

> To be a Teacher or Not to Be

> Look Unique

> Uniform is Never Cool

> My Second Best Friend

> How do You Relate to It?

> Seeking for Other Spaces

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