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Explain a cell phone to an alien? Learn from mobile callers in urban surroundings? Make calls under park benches, behind fences, in cellars? Leave mobile phones in the hands of strangers… The functions and adaptations of mobile telephony are tried out in contact with passers-by. What is being sounded out here is the relationship of public and private spheres, habit and posture, place and non-place, while making calls.

Annette Krauss in collaboration in Dresden with Helene Blickwede, Stefan Braune, Chiara Detscher, Jeremy Detscher, Clara Girke, Sophie Herrmann, Marie Nitschke, Lily Noack, Erik Schiebel, Nadine Schmieder and Fidel Thomet.

… in the context of the exhibition The World in Your Hand, curated by Miya Yoshida, with participating students from youth programme, Kunsthaus Dresden, 2010.


Curricular practices:

> Casmod.mov

> Empathy Study

> Would you Keep my Mobile Phone?

> Mapping Phones

> Streetcalls

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