Hidden Curriculum /
May We Disturb You?

The Hidden Curriculum includes all kinds of actions and tactics in high school that try to subvert enforced cultural values and attitudes. What does it mean to go beyond existing norms as a part of navigating institutional structures? The students try to activate situations that go beyond common sense or secure behaviour in order to give subtle readings that reflect on the legitimacy of specific social contexts in high school.

Annette Krauss in collaboration in Munich with Franziska Beck, Katharina Best, Alex Ganzha, Victoria Hauzeneder, Veronika Hoderlein, Susanne Lauterbach, Felicitas Riederle, Lukas Suadicani, Valentin Voinot.

… in the framework of a collaboration for Walden #3 (curated by Christiane Mennicke and Ulrich Schötker) and Carl-Orff-Gymnasiums, Munich 2009.


Performative situations:

> May We Disturb You?

> The Ingredients

> Any Problems?

> No Title

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