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Beyond Common Sense

How can we intervene in what we call ordinary life? In this laboratory the daily life in the streets of Berlin is put to the test: What happens if you walk up an escalator that is full of people in the opposite direction or when you wait for the underground upside down? Is it possible to throw a spanner in the works of everyday life? The workshop is dedicated to the paradoxical potential of disruption. Although a rupture is always part of a system, and certainly has the power to reinforce systems, it nevertheless makes it possible for us to take distance to our habits and to let go of a routine for a moment. A disruption is the feedback that could make things run differently.

Annette Krauss and Ferenc Sébo in collaboration with Andras Koloszar Adam Porogi, Reka Boros, Lili Espig, Anna Petnehazy, Indra Erchembajar, Duygu Eviren, Markus Heize, Joanna Mandalian, Luzie Meyer, Leon Scheuber.

… in the context of Winterakademie 2, curated by Claudia Hummel, Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin 2007


Coping tactics:

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